For Families

Practical, Therapeutic Support

We Understand

Many of our staff and trustee board members have experience of parenting traumatised children.

We understand the challenges and complexities and have walked in your shoes. We can offer an empathetic ear as we have been where you are.

The aim of our service is always to enhance your relationship with your children. This might mean helping you find embedded respite and an additional person to therapeutically care for your child, replicating the strategies that you know work; it might involve supporting you to access funds to help alleviate the financial strain many families struggle with; or it could mean offering you and/or your network experienced, knowledgeable, empathetic, listening help or training.

As we develop our services, we also want to welcome the voices of adopted and care experienced people to help shape our support.

Process For Families

Please get in touch with us and we will arrange to meet and listen to what you need.

Our services are all delivered online and through remote support, so we can work across the UK. There are several steps along the way …

The key first step is to develop a clear picture of your family and what you all need.

Putting together and sending out an anonymous advert will hopefully bring in some interesting and intriguing candidates: the next stage is then preparing for shortlisting and interviewing, meeting and screening candidates, and working out exactly who you would feel best about bringing into your home and building relationships with your child or children. 

Once you are happy to offer the role to someone, pre-employment checks and online training are essential – we can help guide you through it all and offer access to, for example, get your potential worker’s Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check managed.

Typically, families employ their Specialist Support Worker, but we can provide guidance around the necessary paperwork and payroll. 

Arranging a positive start is critical so we offer support  to plan introductions to your children – and if requested, your Specialist Support Worker will be offered supervision and support to enable them to work safely and effectively.

Finally, managing a positive ending is just as important as a positive start. Belay recommends all Specialist Support Workers contracts be for at least 9 months – with a commensurate minimum commitment from the SSW – but eventually every such role will end. We can help you and your children – and indeed your Support Worker – navigate that, recognising but also working to minimise the sense of loss as the Support Worker leaves.

Please note, due to limited capacity we are currently unable to accept new requests for Specialist Support Workers. Please keep checking back for updates.

Six Simple Steps

From start to finish we aim to support your family

1. Help you work through and identify your family's needs
2. Find a shortlist of candidates in your area
3. Advise you on interviewing and selecting a worker
4. Provide training to the specialist worker
5. Offer advice and guidance with employment and payroll documentation
6. Guide you through planning introductions and connecting to the Belay community

Costs for Families

The Belay Foundation can support you in thinking through how the costs of supporting a Specialist Support Worker may be managed.

The responsibilities and costs for paying for a Specialist Support Worker rest with families.

Hourly rates vary across the country, and according to experience, but start at £13 per hour. There will be a one-off cost of an enhanced DBS check (currently around £60), and there will be an annual charge to a payroll agency of approximately £180-£200 per year.

If Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment is not already in place, we can help you apply to assist in meeting these costs. Some families also access monies through personal budget payments or monies received as part of an Adoption or Special Guardianship allowance. 

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